Achieving BAP
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Biodiversity and the south west region

The south west region is home to 5 million people and covers an areas of just over 9000 square miles. It is one of the most biologically diverse landscapes in the UK whilst also being an important area for agriculture, industry and tourism. The conservation and protection of species and habitats in this vibrant region is achieved in four key ways:

  • (1) Important wildlife sites are ‘designated’ as a statutory protected area (e.g. LNR, NNR, SSSI, SPA, etc)
  • (2) Planning authorities in the SW adhere to national planning policies in relation to biodiversity (e.g. PPS9)
  • (3) Local councils and public bodies must now adhere to their statutory ‘biodiversity duty’.
  • (4) Statutory and non-statutory organisations undertake a range of conservation actions described and prioritised in biodiversity strategies (e.g. Biodiversity Action Plans).